Monday, November 28, 2005

Kabataang Montreal solidarity message for Ugnayan Vancouver and FQS delegates

A warm and militant greeting from Kabataang Montreal.
We salute UKPC Vancouver for organizing this historic
event. We would also like to congratulate Ugnayan
Vancouver for reaching a milestone in their 10 years
of organizing, educating and mobilizing Filipino

During this inspiring weekend we look forward to
learning along with our fellow youth across Canada and
North America the history and significance of the
First Quarter Storm, and the important role of the
youth in creating this part of Philippine history. We
also look forward to sharing and addressing among our
fellow youth our experiences and issues in our
respective cities.

In Montreal, we have been organize among the Filipino
youth in addressing their issues and linking it back
to the overall struggle of the Filipino people. Their
issues include family separation, systemic racism,
education and root causes of migration.

We join with our fellow Filipino youth activists in
continuing the work
of that the FQS has started. That is, to fight for
the rights and welfare of the Filipino youth and to
link up their struggles with the struggle for social
change in the Philippines. We hope to continue to
deepen our understanding of the Philippine struggle as
well as the struggle of all migrant Filipinos through
this conference. We stand in solidarity with Filipino
youth across Canada to further our work locally and
work towards building a national formation in support
of the struggle for genuine freedom and democracy in
the Philippines.

Long live the spirit of the FQS!
Long live the spirit of the Filipino youth!
Ituloy ang laban ng sambayanang pilipino!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

KM trains to be filmakers!

On Saturday, Nov. 5th, several members of the Cultural Committee got together to examine how the personal is political in a hands-on video workshop. We talked about the relationship between art and activism, looked at the inspiring artwork of Filipina-Canadian artist Lani Maestro, and shared our experiences of forced migration, racial profiling, and other struggles faced in society. Participants became interviewers, videographers, and performers as they shared their experiences and hopes on film.

With the goal of using expression and creation to raise awareness of these ongoing struggles, our video will become a recruiting and educating tool for other Filipino youths and to the greater community. Stay tuned for the screening of the video at a theatre near you!

If you’re interested in participating in future activist art initiatives, contact Neil or Marissa at